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What Happens At Bankruptcy Meetings?

Chapters 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies can be daunting processes to someone without extensive experience with them. With the inevitable meetings that you are expected to have with bankruptcy trustees, creditors, and other attorneys, as well as the potential motions filed by creditors and negotiations that commonly occur, the bankruptcy process can overwhelm anyone. When you work with Paris Law, LLC, attorney Scott Paris will guide you through the many steps to ensure that you understand your rights and have an ally at your side.

You are probably wondering what happens at various bankruptcy meetings when you file in Ohio. Here, you will find a basic outline of what to expect.

What You Should Expect

The bankruptcy process varies slightly for everyone. Your finances and other personal information are unique, but there are a few steps that are the same for all petitioners:

  1. Meet with a bankruptcy attorney

The first meeting you will have is a free initial consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer. In this consultation, you can discuss the circumstances that led to your debts. Your attorney will give you an idea of what to expect from discharging your debt. Some things you should bring to this meeting include loan documents, recent billing statements and tax returns.

  1. Gather information the attorney requests to draft your bankruptcy petition
  2. Meet with your bankruptcy attorney to file the bankruptcy petition that has been drafted
  3. Meeting of creditors (341 meeting)

Then, you and your attorney will sit down with a court-appointed bankruptcy trustee and possibly some of your creditors. Your trustee will lay out a plan for the liquidation of your assets or the repayment of your debt. You have the right to attend this meeting on your own, but it is almost always much easier when an attorney advocates for you and protects your rights.

  1. Confirmation hearing

If you are filing Chapter 13, you may need to have a confirmation meeting with your creditors following your 341 meeting. This is when your creditors and the bankruptcy trustee review your repayment plan and either confirm or reject it. If you or a creditor objects to an aspect of the plan, a judge will make the final decision at the hearing.

Mr. Paris has handled all these steps before and knows them inside and out. He can attend these meetings with you and advocate for your best interests before the bankruptcy court and your creditors.

Learn More In A Free Consultation

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